Review; Levels of Truth in Relationship: Game Level

There is the game level which I see as the level of ego-persona in correlation to other egos. This is based on the analytical side of thinking if our brain. It is where we abstract the information of the world that we gathered and stored in our memory and construct a mental map. This is synonymouse to our conditioned behavior that has been put into us through our raise in childhood as well as education.

For this work it is really important to experience the game level, too, when trying to understand it intellectually, as we do in this short writeup.

The game level functions as a matrix for stored behavior: While our conscious experience is bound by the ego, which is the same as being indulged in the game, the consciousness is being flooded by emotions.
If you have learned about communication skills or strategies you probably have already understood how in certain moments we just can’t seem to be able to make any correct decisions. Those moments of anger, grief or frustrations where we just can’t gather our thoughts.
It is this knowing of “I am not always in charge of how I react to my environment” that is the knowing of how the game level works.

When you start understanding the game level as the abstract thing that it is, your consciousness wins a new possibility of identifying with that what lies behind the ego-persona. Neurologically we enable the use of higher brain functions, called dream-level, which I will talk about in the next writeup.

For as long as we are on game-level solely we want to understand what are the important aspects of it:
1 game-level action is limited by its behavioral matrix
2 our consciousness feels as if it is in control
3 it is made purely out of the language that we have been conditioned with

1 game-level action is limited by its behavioral matrix

Basically we have the responses of the reptilian brain – which is the consciousness’ driver seat in a game – fight, flight, cling, search, and a couple of variations of shields and masques. That’s it. Right >now< what I am doing while typing these letters ..yea, this word, and that.. in gameplay language I am “searching” for a safe haven from where I have the feeling that you, my fellow reader, will have understood the point which I am trying to bring across.

Let that sink in for a moment. In the above paragraph, I am already requiring a cognitive skill of the reader to be able to abstract his consciousness from the analytical mind (simply reading) into the experiential mind (reflecting with me on the experience writing this).

Ok, past the first hump? These feelings of being puzzled, experience of some confusion or similar are good. You are wiring your brain-body memory of the moment with the analytical exercise of reading and comprehending. We are going to do a lot of that.

2 our consciousness feels as if it is in control

While sitting in the game driving seat we have the illusion of control, we feel as if we actually can make a choice between one option or the other. Well, we don’t. It has long been said that these kind of decisions are being made seconds before we are aware of “deciding”.
Here’s a related article:

Now, it might be difficult to get this. But it is what it is, most people have lived there lives over decades of years thinking they’d been in control. But rarely have been, but rather been controlled by their environment, or simply someone else who had already learned better psychological control.

The difficulty in comprehending this lies within being okay with that nothing is true as in “facts are facts kind of true”, but that rather a) what seems true is a matter of perspective and b) that there are different levels of skill of how much you are able to bring seemingly paradox’ things into a common frame of reference.

3 it is made purely out of the language that we have been conditioned with

Now, when I am writing >this< what I am doing (in gameplay language) is that I am fighting to bring a point across. I am using a disrupt form of writing because I want to make this point very clear: the language that I am using right now, as I am in “fight” behavior, is my programming.

In other words, my ego aka my conditioned and learned behavior that enables me to communicate in this society, is purely language based.
It is really similar to the movie “The Matrix” as the minimalistic set of gameplay behavior only gets extended by my programming that together makes up the total behavior possible in this context.
In contrast: it wouldn’t make sense talking about anything that wouldn’t make sense right now. See how my range of behavior is limited, while I still (could) feel like I am in total control of what I am writing here?

So far. See you another time!

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