Coaching Referenzen

Coaching Referenzen (deutsch)

“Das Coaching mit Paul war sehr intensiv und hat mich dazu gebracht, mich selber besser kennenzulernen und zu verstehen. Pauls Coachingstil hat einen professionellen Eindruck gemacht und man merkt, dass er genau weiß, was er tun muss, um die Ursache des Problems zu finden.”

  • Andre Gassner, Finance Consultant, Germany, 2018

„Ich war bereits zu mehreren von Pauls Meetups und habe auch ein Coaching absolviert. Dabei habe ich schnell gemerkt, über welch breite Wissensbasis Paul verfügt und dass er es schafft, sich auffallend klar und auf den Punkt auszudrücken. Aus jedem einzelnen Treffen habe ich interessante Anregungen und Erkenntnisse mitgenommen und komme sehr gerne wieder.“

  • Michael Woodt, Project Engineer, Germany, 2018

„Ich wollte mich an der stelle nochmal mega bei dir bedanken.
Mir geht’s erstaunlich!
Hab seit Sonntag eine riesen Veränderung in meinem verhalten festgestellt, Kommunikation läuft wieder an! -mit Gästen und Kollegen geredet wie schon lange nicht mehr!!!!“

  • Wilhelm Leopold Gerhard Bethge, Hotel Business Administrator, Germany, 2018

„Das Coaching von Paul Dorra hat mir schon nach der Probesitzung merkbare Verbesserung gebracht. Durch seine gezielten Fragen dringt man schnell zum wirklichen Problem vor und fühlt sich im Anschluss schon kurzfristig wesentlich besser. Aber auch mittelfristig war ich entspannter und gelassener gegenüber “riesigen” Problemen.“

  • Tobias Mehl, Student, 2018

„Paul ist ein coach, der anders ist. Er konfrontiert dich mit dem was du nicht sehen willst. Er stellt Fragen die du dir nie stellen würdest. Er fordert dich dazu auf hinzuschauen was du eigentlich nicht sehen willst. Gefühlt gibt es einen Anfang und ein Ende, doch der Weg dahin ist ungeplant und individuell.
Er hat mich stets dazu gebracht hinzuschauen, mich selbst zu sehen und zu fühlen was wahr und was Illusion ist. Manchmal habe ich ihn gehasst, doch das war lediglich der Hass auf mich selbst, weil ich mich nicht so sah wie er mich. Er brachte mich dazu meine eigenen Grenzen zu überschreiten die mir mein Kopf gesetzt hatte um mich abzugrenzen. Durch ihn habe ich sehr viel erkennen können und bin daran gewachsen.
Ich kann es wirklich empfehlen sich dem zu stellen wenn man sich selbst finden möchte.“

  • Daniela Gremer, Mother, Germany, 2018

Scrum Master & Coaching Referenzen (english)

„I met Paul through a mutual friend/coach. He was kind enough to work with me pro bono. To say his coaching helped is an understatement. I’m naturally self-aware but have been hitting a road block regarding personal insight for a while. Paul came in and forced me to pick apart layers I had buried myself in for a while. Addressing issues surrounding more “weaker” aspects of myself that I refused to acknowledge and coped negatively with as a result. He was very intuitive in grasping and unearthing exactly what needed to be exposed and reviewed in a more gentle manner. I’ve never worked with a coach before so I’m unaware of the type of techniques used for said therapy, but I have had much therapy in my life and to have someone like him be so adept in grasping what needed to be grasped was flooring. I walked away from all sessions feeling lighter, more thoughtful and with a better perspective. I use the skills learned in our sessions daily. I’m very grateful to have been given an opportunity to work with Paul. To say he’s helped is an understatement and I highly recommend him. He’s calm, assured, encouraging, and knows his shit.“

  • Natasha Ford, Credit Manager, Canada, 2019

„Paul is one of those individuals who relentlessly works towards doing the right thing. His works hard to show the path of Agility to all of those that he touches. Paul always thinks of his team first as a Scrum Master & as an individual. His passion/drive & persistence are very refreshing every time I speak to him & as I see him working.“

  • Roman Smigiel, Product & Leadership, Germany, 2017

„was working with Paul being scrum-master of our team for quite a while and had a good chance to see how fast this young and enthusiastic man converted from a rookie to a good pro in scrum. he’s eager to learn new things and doesn’t limit himself with the boundaries of job descriptions. also he’s a guy who’s cool to work with personally – always in a good mood, motivated and optimistic. my opinion – the project we worked on with Paul made him a good mature pro in scrum mastering.“

  • Andrey Bessmertny, Senior Information Technology Consultant at SAP, Russia, 2016

„I worked with Paul in one team where I was developer and he was scrum master for about a year.
I think as a scrum master Paul did his job very well, because:

  1. He always has control of the situation in the team. He knows who does what currently and what will one do after his current task. With his help developers always has work to do and because of that I’ve never felt myself left alone or wasting my time. From the other side, Paul’s control actions were always kind and smooth, never looked like micromanagement, so ‘climate’ in the team always was very good. Paul always motivated us to support each other so team was well united.
  2. Paul has a good technical horizon and he continues to open it. It saved us a lot of time because Paul usually could recognize source of the problem and find a person who can definitely fix it. Also it is always good that you (as a developer) can easily explain your manager technical details of a subject and he will translate it to business people in their terms. This is only one example how Paul decreased number of distracting factors, making our work more convinient.
  3. Paul has a good knowledge of agile methodologies and he can teach others about it properly. We had all our scrum rituals set up correctly, hence our team was very productive and it all happened under Paul’s constant control.“

    Aleksey Babukh, Senior Analyst, Russia, 2016